You will be located 10 kms from the nearest town Alleppey. Accessible by both water and path ways- water travel is best for sight seeing. If you desire traveling by bus from Alleppey (30 miles), take a bus via Nedumudy, get off at poopally junction and take an autorikshau (RS 10) to reach your guest rest house. Frequent Alleppey Boat station for your travel at a cheaper rate. Take Nedumudy Boat Jetty where the resort is seen just over the horizon. Our staff are here to ensure your safety with language a barrier, a guide will meet great you at any junction, station or airport. We are here to give you the ultimate in enjoyable living.

Lying 3 meters below sea level the village of Chennamkary (where village paradise is located) is started by the river Pamba known as Heaven of water. The coconut palms have their head stooped in lovable shyness to great the lush flowing river and its banks. Carpeted with white sand and ever fall greens the tone is set for bright blue skies too meet. The descendants of the region make every moment warm enjoyable. In this village house one can never be far from blissful living.